September 20, 2008

Great Reward in Elysian Fields

The goal, for those really really old Greeks, was to reach Elysium, for only the truly worthy enjoyed their final resting place in Elysian Fields. For beer enthusiasts, rather than dying there, good beers are born there.

Wednesday at the Toronado spelled the introduction of Seattle's Elysian Brewing, tapping six beers. Most, like the Wise ESB, represented straightforward ambassadors of the style. One, the Jasmine IPA, posed the question of whether you want an already hoppy beer to be partnered with the added jasmine-y perfume. And then, behold, Dragonstooth. How do I know what they all tasted like? Jesse ambitiously populated our li'l table top with one of each. This stout weighs in at 7.2% ABV. Resplendent and a new go-to beer for me at the Toronado.

Not only was Elysian's head brewer Dick Cantwell on hand for the occasion, but it seems the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) was in town and in walked some big machers in the brewing world such as Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head and Kim Jordan from New Belgium, two characters I encountered on my beer odyssey. Greg Koch let it be known I erroneously left him, Stone, and San Diego out, but he makes a cameo on page 154.

It was good to talk to Greg, Kim, and Sam, but my favorite part came when Dick agreed to host a book signing at Elysian in Seattle on November 11. Sweet! See ya there.

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Ben, aka BadBen said...

Dick Cantwell is a friend of mine. He's come a long way from his days of brewing at the original Pike and BigTime Brewing.

The next time you're on Seattle's Capitol Hill, stop in at Elysian and have a beer and some great food. (Just don't tell any of the locals that you're hanging around and waiting for Dick). :-)