March 3, 2019

Beer Birthday: Jay Brooks

Today is the 60th birthday of beer writer Jay Brooks. He is the co-founder of last month's successful #FlagshipFriday campaign and author of California Breweries - North. Jay is a veteran beer writer (but I'm removing the titles of the publications last used in this celebratory post because they're all out of print, but let's focus on the happy like that fac that...) his column Brooks on Beer appears in the San Jose Mercury News. He has contributed to the Oxford Companion to Beer as well as Playboy Magazine.  He is the co-founder of SF Beer Week (which I'm planning on working into my iCal for 2020 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of). To anyone who follows the brewing industry, none of this is news. But for years, a convivial component of his Brookston Beer Blog has been celebrating brewers and those in the beer community on their birthdays. So please...join me in wishing Jay a very happy birthday.
Brewmaster Craig Cauwels, yours truly, the Beer Chef Bruce Patton, the birthday boy

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Outdoor Speakeasy: Me, Brian Lenzo, Jay Brooks (whose blog I copied this from), and pre-Golden Road Meg Gill