December 6, 2011

Portland Year Anniversary

It dawned on Half Pint & I that it's our one-year anniversary in Beervana. How exciting is that? The first thing I did once we landed was go to the Holiday Ale Fest, which is how I knew--finding myself sampling amazing winter warmers 'neath the heated tent city in Pioneer Square again--that it was time to start doing everything as a Portlander for the second time. Including layering and drinking winter warmers for the warmth and not just because they're so delectable.

As Portland approaches 50 breweries, probably by late next year if you count the surrounding nanobreweries, I've still barely hit half of them. Same goes for the beerfests, of which it seems there are already more than 50. Not that I'm complaining.

And of course, one fun way we found to participate in all things Brewtopia is by having launched Inn Beervana (also found on VRBO). More on this in forthcoming post, but suffice it to say, operating a B&B (Bed & Beer) is a fun way to welcome beer pilgrims to town and point out all the prime beer spots near us in the Southeast.

Having said all that, I suspect my local beer consumption might take a nosedive in the coming year with the arrival of our firstborn. Maybe that's why I've been championing smaller, responsible packages such as 375ml half bottles, stubbies, and 189ml nips. Follow our love of nips, too.

With that said, hope y'all had a great 2011 with an even better and beerier 2012 in store.