September 2, 2008

The only way to enjoy Bud Lime... as a chaser for Bud "Chelada."

True enough, Anheuser-Busch is releasing Budweiser American Ale, but the "King of Beers" that made its name with lager has two other drinks on the market that, well, no need to opine, I'll just get to the tasting; a masochistic sense of just having to know what they taste like coupled with my friend Eric's actual affinity for them.

First up: "Chelada." This 24-oz tallboy is part Budweiser lager, part Clamato. We're already off to a bad start, since Clamato is part tomato juice, part CLAM. Who the hell thought bivalves and vegetables would pair nicely as a juice? I'm already not a huge Bloody Mary drinker, but the thought of adding actual clam juice to it makes me wretch. And why end there? Why not a whole line of mollusc-mary cocktails like Bud, pureed oyster, and V8?

Allegedly, Bud Chelada--targeted to the Latino market and instead of having copy and ingredients on the can in English and Spanish has it in Spanish then English--is the best-selling beer at Dodger Stadium.

It pours a reddish-orange with a thin carrot-colored head. The initial taste is clam, the middle flavor has the tomato and spices coming through, oh, but wait, there comes that clam again in the aftertaste. Eric delighted in drinking both tallboys. As my punishment for not enjoying the Chelada, he made me finish the entire bottle of Bud Lime.

Poured from a 12-oz clear bottle, the bright yellow beer poured no head to speak of, reeked of citrus, and tasted something akin to Lime-Ade. I occasionally like Mexican beers with lemon, anything but Corona. This tasted like Corona with an entire lime juiced into it and maybe some extra corn syrup to take the tart edge off it.

Let's see how those Belgians at InBev make Bud American Ale taste.

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a beer sort of girl said...

The Clamato is scary. Haven't tried it. And Bud Light Lime is my secret shame. I love it. I drank a lot of it. But I don't consider it "beer." Like how I don't consider kool-aid to be "juice." It's a drink, and it's kind of good. But not beer.