October 3, 2008

Red, White, and Yahoo: Book release party a success

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Yahoo. Oct 2 had been building and approaching and building for ages. And now, it's finally a cherished memory. You only get one first book and only get one first book release party. The whole thing was very cazh (casual). It started at 7 p.m., but the bar (the 540 Club) was screening the VP debate. So I just hung out and signed copies of the book for people who had hired baby sitters and such. I hadn't really prepared anything to say so when Nick from Green Apple (thanks, Nick!) said I'd talk for about half an hour, gulp, I just let my mind wander and knew my mouth would follow... for a more tolerable 15-20 minutes.

Microphone in hand, I talked about the impetus for my beer odyssey, meeting the folks who make our beer, and praised the California microbrew culture, past and present. The first passage I read was from the chapter on Anchor Steam and what Fritz Maytag is like. I followed it, in contrast, by reading from the next chapter about Electric Dave from Electric Brewing Co. in Bisbee, Arizona.
Before I got up to speak and read, Nick had Ashley the bartender hook me up with a bottle for my brand new, custom-made Brew Holster. A pint sized bottle of Russian River's Pliny the Elder appeared before me. I like this beer book author thing. After my spiel, another bottle magically appeared: one that defied the message of drinking locally if you're in California, but terrific nonetheless. Brooklyn Lager. Then, lastly, though I told myself no more than two, Nick offered me a bottle of Lagunitas Pale Ale. Brewed in Petaluma, I couldn't turn down a solid, local favorite, though I should note that Nick favored the "Champagne of Beers."

Over the course of the night, we sold around 40 books. Pretty good. Thanks to all my friends and friends-of-friends for the support, and for the few barflies and locals who'd caught wind of the event and showed up to buy then have a book signed. Next up: around America.

Drink local and drink often,

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