July 29, 2014

Ed the Neighbor Reviews: Sam Adams

Hullo -

The Beer Fairies Came. When I came home from work on Friday, the Beer Fairies left a box from Sam Adams (not the mayor). They brought a Winter Lager,a Cherry Chocolate Bock, a Juniper IPA, and a Merry Maker Ginger bread Stout. My question to you: ship it, store it, or drink it?

Drink up. If we were only gone 6 months I'd ask if there was more than one of those bocks, but I suspect if there's a 2nd bottle you could use it to make a delicious bread pudding or dessert with.

I'd given a brewery--New Belgium--your address to start sending packages to, so not sure why the Sam Adams one showed up there but they send quite a few. I know another sample was just shipped by them but guessing that went to 3754. I should send them a note asking them to hold onto it...it's the beer they release once a year that retails for $200. No, I'm not making a joke.

I am trying to think of what you could do to a beer to make it retail for $200. The only thing that comes to mind is taping $196 to the bottom of the bottle.

The Juniper IPA was incredibly disappointing. It was a fine IPA, but it didn't have a hint of juniper or gin. MAjor bummer.

The Winter Lager was nice. It wasn't as good as their other seasonal brews, and I don't think it was as good as Bridgeport's Ebeneezer, but it was a tasty beer.

And the Cherry Chocolate Bock? I had a wee whiff of the cherry cough syrup. Not gaggingly sweet, but every sip sort of made me tilt my head, a la a confused Dunkel, and ask myself. "Triaminic?" Another disappointment. There may be a bottle left when you return. :)

Reviews first:

Tried the Cold Snap Winter Ale from Sam Adams. I thought I really liked it, but then I read the label: orange? plum? spices? Huh. All I tasted was good beer...The Cold Snap was definitely yummy. I just don't know what the dude who wrote the label was drinking.

New Belgium sent a Snapshot Wheat Beer and a Rewind IPA. It's unanimous: everybody loves the Snapshot Label.

And just when I was getting caught up ... Sam Adams strikes again. Seriously, how do you keep up?

After your last e-mail, I wasn't going to bother you with beer deliveries until I was ready to write my reviews (New Belgium is going to have a tasty spring, that's for sure!), but Sam Adams sent a 22 oz. Double Bock (no fancy name or nothin'). According to their promotional materials, it one of their first "big beers" and has an ABV of 9.5%. Do you want me to hang on to that one until your return? It's a limited edition, so I doubt there will be any professional benefit from hanging on to it, but it might be nice for your palate. 

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