July 29, 2014

Ed the Neighbor Previews: Sam Adams Oats McGoats Reduced-gluten Stout

From Brewbound's Facebook page
From the It's a Travesty Files, I'm just now getting around to launching a new series called "Ed the Neighbor Reviews" wherein our neighbor back in Portland...Ed...does me the courtesy of enjoying beer samples that arrive while we're living in Amsterdam (and squirreling away the big bottles that look like they'd benefit from some cellaring or whatever room he's storing them in). I intend to pick up these beer reviews when we're back, but here's the "first" (to be posted, not emailed to me, and I'll start uploading his backlog of reviews). In fact, it's a preview, not a review. Note, when I add editorial comments, they'll be denoted by "ed." who is not to be confused with Ed.

Dear Sam Adams,

Thanks so much for your recent delivery of your Oats McGoats Stout. Despite its silly name (ed.: clearly a reference to the commercial staring James Earl Jones and Malcom McDowell [1] that inspired that bromance flick with Paul Rudd [2] but also it's been done before by The Bruery and Three Notch'd), it's in the fridge right now and I'm looking forward to taking it out for a test drive, if you will. I'm a sucker for stouts and it's a nice break from the steady rain of IPAs that have been inundating the Northwest. Once I've had a sip or two, I'm sure I'll be racing to my computer to post an online review; however, I do have one little question: who the hell is the target audience for "reduced gluten" beer? Are you aiming for the sophisticated connoisseur, who appreciates the earthy, spicy flavors, but might be distracted by the heavy aftertaste of a full gluten beer? Or are you hoping to catch the eye of the gluten intolerant stoutophile who suffers from days of stomach churning diarrhea from a full gluten beer but might enjoy your reduced gluten stout enough to tolerate a few terrible hours alone in a bathroom stall? Please let me know, and I'll adjust my review accordingly.

Your sincere(ly confused) friend,



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