February 17, 2009

Anchor's Our Barrel Ale

Anchor Brewing's "Our Barrel Ale," as I've written about before, is a blend of three Anchor Brewing Co. beers aged in Anchor Distilling barrels--not charred but toasted Oak barrels used to age their phenomenal Old Potrero rye whiskey. The beers, I found out, are Bock, Old Foghorn Barleywine, and mostly Liberty Ale, their hoppiest offering in the lineup.

Starting this morning, only 100 cases went on sale. Seeing as I was first in line, only 99 were available once I left.

At $30 per magnum (1.5 ltr), make that almost $33 after tax and CRV, it's a helluvan-expensive six-pack. Compared to other beers that sell at that price for 22- and sometimes 12-oz bottles, or a halfway decent magnum of wine or champagne would set you back, it's actually a fair price for such a delectable, intriguing beer.

But lest you think I'll crack one open this weekend and lay down the other 5 in my Beeradise for years to come, Anchor's master brewer, Mark Capenter, warned that while it's high enough in alcohol at over 8% ABV, since it's unfiltered and sat in wood barrels, it's best to keep it refrigerated and enjoyed with the occasion calls for it. Now accepting occasion suggestions.


beerandnosh said...

shotluck party!

Thomas said...

Your next trip to Raleigh-Durham sounds like the perfect occasion, ha!

Ethan Prater said...

Just called Anchor to confirm they had some, before I stopped in. (Tuesday morning, 2/24). She said they're out - the last was sold last Friday 2/20.

That was fast!

Brian Yaeger said...

Yeah. Just like I was the first to purchase OBA from the brewery, Ethan, you have Jesse (see 2 comments up) to blame for buying the last.

So much for their hunch that it'd take a month to sell out. Hopefully there'll be others... stay tuned.