February 23, 2009

Memorial for Bill Brand, Mar. 1 @ Trappist

Like many in the beer community, particularly in the Bay Area, I was keeping vigil while What's On Tap blogger Bill Brand was in a coma, and mournful upon learning that he just couldn't hold on. While I cannot imagine the grief and loss being suffered by his wife Daryl and family, it's clear the whole community shares the pain. Jay Brooks has posted info about the memorial taking place this Sunday at the Trappist in Oakland where we can all mourn the passing and celebrate the life of our friend Bill.

Every beer lover gets asked what their favorite beer is, and none of us can give a simple, direct answer. But to be sure, Anchor Porter is one of mine. An aficionado of fine beer, I don't know why I thought Bill leaned toward DIPAs, or Double India Pale Ales. But it turns out Anchor Porter is (one of) his favorites, too.

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