June 18, 2008

Encouraged by the Beer People

While this blog update serves mostly as a test, I must say, I'm encouraged by all the Beer People that exist out there, nameless and faceless on the sidewalks and in the elevators, but instant compadres atop the barstools.

I say "test," because when I tried to register "beerodyssey" as my blog name, I confoundingly learned that the name was taken. By whom? By me. Two and a half years ago, when in the nascent stages of writing Red, White, and Brew, I evidently posted a blog about attending GABF (Great American Beer Festsival). It was my foray into the awesome world of beer, and now I'm looking forward to returning to GABF this fall, to promote said book. Like drops of beer from a draft tap, so are the days of our lives. Or something like that. Anyway, I'm happy to be reunited with my blog and have lots of events to write about, from last week's double-header Beerfest in Santa Rosa, Calif. + inaugural trip to Hopmonk in Sebastopol, Calif. to my upcoming first (in what I hope becomes a permanent series) of beer dinners at the Bierhaus (that's my apartment).

As for the Beer People, in recent weeks, as R,W, & B inches closer to publication, I've been delighted with the response I've gotten from those who have read pre-pub drafts and those that have simply heard about it. Thanks a million to Chris O'Hara and Maureen Ogle, venerable beer authors, for offering kind words. Thanks to Ethan, random dude at Toronado on Haight St. for his wealth of knowledge on all things brewed (from Pliny the hop-cultivator to distinguishing Firestone-Walker's small beer as truly more of a Saison.) And all I know is, my sales rating on Amazon went from 1,300,298 to 344,500 overnight. If Ethan bought 100 copies, I'm so buying him a pint at Toronado.


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