January 6, 2009

Brewing Network: PFC in the BN Army

A lot of the things I've been able to do by exploiting my status as a Beer Author were things I did as an ale enthusiast, only from the flipside. Listening to the Brewing Network is no different, meaning this time I did so from inside the "rat pad," and with headphones on, and a mic in front of my face (which is getting off easy compared to Schuman, star of the new feature, "What's in Schuman's mouth?" Let's just say it wasn't always beer.) Cheers to Jason, Chad, JP, Doc, Tasty, Bevo, and the whole gang.

Here is the recent podcast of the Sunday Show on the Brewing Network. Note that it's a full four hours long and I don't appear until roughly a pinky-fingernail's-length into the downloadable mp3, but if you hang in there, you'll hear me do some Journey and Sister Christian karaoke.

1 comment:

KC Wort Hog said...

Lucky you! I can only imagine what fun(?) a 4-hour session would be with those guys. :-D And, thanks for posting a picture of the studio (should I use that term loosely?). My husband and I have wondered, as we've listened to the webcasts, what the place looks like. Studio? Garage? Mom's basement? ;)

I may have to listen to the whole thing, if not just for Sister Christian.