October 12, 2008

Omaha, baby, Omaha!

Drove over 500 miles today. Had a blast in Denver. Realized I forgot to blog about the great breakfast we had there, which makes two of my favorite b-fast joints ever are in Colorado. Check out Jesse's picks of Snooze, here. Make sure you get to the one about the flight of pancakes! Yes, a decadent flight!

Now that GABF is over, it's becoming a blur, but everything from meeting lots of brewery reps and brewmasters, meeting awesome beer lovers from around the country (and a few from Saskatchewan who invited me to be a special guest beer judge at their homebrew competition!!!), and trying phenomenal brews I'll never see or taste again (others that spring to mind are Wynkoop Brewpub's "Obamanator" and one called "Maple Nipple" from a tiny Vermont brewery), it was nonstop amazement.

As for the drive today, weeks ago, I tried to set up an event in Omaha for the sake of saying I did an event in Omaha. I mean, I'm crashing here for the night anyway. So with the help of Nate at the Nebraska Beer Blog, I hooked up with the owner and brewmaster at Upstream Brewing Co. Though we couldn't make it work, timing-wise, Half Pint and I did stop in and had a great flight of all 10 of their beers (the cask was down, otherwise they'd have 11), a killer spicy steak pizza on a great super thin crust, and for my bomber of the day, I picked up what looks like something special, their Oaked IPA. CanNOT wait to uncork that baby when I'm home.

Tomorrow, we reach Chicago.

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